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28 Day Challenge

09 July

28 Day Challenge

28 Day Challenge

Making you better than yesterday

What you get
Professional advice – Providing motivation and support to become fitter, healthier and happier than before (valued at $197).                                                                             Exercise and food diary – Allowing you to keep track of your efforts to ensure success (valued at $10).
Educating you for long term success– Seminars in nutrition, exercise and mental clarity to set up lifelong changes (valued at $200).
Accountability– Surround yourself with positive people who will support you, motivate you and inspire you to work at reaching your goals (valued at$194).
Access to private forum – To share in the knowledge and support of your trainers (valued at $50).
Prizes– $350 cash for first place*.  2nd prize- one months membership to CrossFit Armidale and one months supply of protein powder.
Open to everyone– Invite your family and friends to join you in being better than yesterday.
Total value of $601. SAVE OVER $30                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Cost: $100 members, $300 non-members (includes 1 month’s membership to CFA to the vaule of $189)

How it works
This will work on a points system.
Gain points for attending CrossFit sessions, nutrition seminars, Keeping your food diary up to date, keeping your exercise diary up to date, achieving your Personal Records (PR), achieving a PR for a “Girl” workout (CrossFit benchmark workout), playing another sport and lower body fat % over the 28 days.

It is easy to win. Just attend sessions and focus on your wellbeing, fitness and nutrition and not only will you see your mind, body and soul improve but you could win $350 CASH!


The points break down

CrossFit sessions attended (accountability & fitness) = 1 point for each session
Open gym attended (fitness) =2 point for each session
Weekly food diary completed (accountability & fitness) =4 points per week
Weekly meal plan stuck to (nutrition and accountability) =5 points per week
New PR (sense of accomplishment and fitness)= 2 points per PR
New PR girl (benchmark workout) (sense of accomplishment and fitness) =2 points per PR workout
Play another sport (community spirit and fitness)= 2 points
Attend weekly seminars (lifelong learning enabling you to do this on your own)= 3 points per week
Lower BF% over the 28 days (health, fitness and mindset change) =5 points
Exercise journal up to date (accountability and fitness)= 5 points per week

*conditions apply

For more details contact CrossFit Armidale 67726798 or email