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6 Things I didn’t know would improve with fitness

07 January

I think we have all been over the health benefits of exercising more times than has ever been needed. Your heart health is better, less risk of diabetes, less risk of stroke, less risk of obesity related illness and well general good health that keeps us out of the doctors surgery. Maybe that isn’t enticing enough to get you to start. So here are 6 more great reasons to start.

1. Food. Yes that is right, I don’t eat rabbit food, I don’t drink my meals nor do I eat anything resembling cardboard. There are a whole heap of great tasting foods that are actually good for you. And when you treat yourself to a night at a restaurant you appreciate what you are eating so much more.

2. Friendships. Since getting my butt off the lounge about 12 years ago, I have made quite a number of new friends along the way, we share common goals and values. This has led to, not just with new friends but existing as well, much more fruitful and enjoyable friendships. I guess I value everyone close to me a lot more now.

3. Mental Health. Depression has affected me for quite a while, exercising has helped to alleviate that. But not just assisted with the depression, I am a more focused person, I am more determined and due to the challenges I have overcome trying to achieve and maintain fitness it has given me a renewed ability to overcome obstacles in everyday life.

4. Sleep. Going back to uni days I was prescribed sleeping tablets. After uni and the subsequent weight gain I would wake myself up snoring, my now wife would wake me as I had stopped breathing, I would sometimes wake myself up from this. I would then not be able to go back to sleep and sometimes would be in bed for 10 to 12 hours, but arise unrested. I now sleep much more regular, I don’t take long to go to sleep and when I do I seldom wake before 7 to 8 hours. Now I can get up at 4:30 am and feel rested.

5. Social events. This was quite a surprise for me. But what I have found is that I don’t go out as much, so when I do it is to the worthwhile events. I now tend to really enjoy myself when I go out and I spend time with people that mean more to me, hence I am saying no to going out for the sake of going out. I now spend time with my friends, savour a glass of red, or a couple of ales, and really enjoy what I am doing.
6. Sex. OK this should be number 1. It should be on every “Why should you exercise?” list, blog post whatever. Before being fit my interest was there, but not like it is now. I would rather sit around or lie around in bed and try to sleep. NOW I am as interested as a teenager finding a stash of his dads magazines. But I now have stamina, energy and more than anything a much better libido than before I was fit. And well we all know that stamina is something that women appreciate 😉

So there you have it, 6 things that I didn’t know before. Maybe I was just dumb and these were obvious to you.
Perhaps the fear of illness and death, as I pointed out at the beginning, wasn’t enough to kick someone off on a fitness program. Then maybe the above 6 reasons might help.