About Us

CrossFit Armidale began running classes early in 2012. It began out of my passion for wanting to always find the best way to get our clients the fittest they can be. No one had sought to define fitness the way CrossFit had.

Finding CrossFit was a breath of fresh air. No longer were the workouts repetitive or too long. I was amazed to see how varied the work was and that we could easily back up the next day for a workout. It is great to not have that feeling of being unable to climb stairs.

The facility here grew from being a completely private PT studio into the studio/box it is today. Most of the day we work with private PT clients utilising the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity to train them and then we quickly transform the space when the WOD is on for the class format.

You will find everything you need for the WOD right here, from pull up bars to barbells and wall balls we have it covered.

Jim Ridley, the original instructor here at CrossFit Armidale is passionate about every aspect of CrossFit. Having experienced the benefits of CrossFit  training he is keen to impart this experience to the masses. Jim has been a keen footy player and enjoys all tpyes of sports. He has now retired form playing football to allow him to concentrate on his next goal of participating in the CrossFit open in the next few years.  Currently we have added three new CrossFit instructors to the team. Nick Wyborn brings with him approximately 16 years of  Martial Arts knowledge . Nick has travelled extensively throughout Australia, U.S.A, Canada and New Zealand learning from subject matter experts primarily from the mil spec ops and tactical operations community. Nick continues to travel overseas several times a year for professional development to ensure that his skills and tactics remain current and effective and training methodologies are revised. Matt Hourigan and Chloe Houirgan each bring with them a passion for CrossFit which allows the participants to really enjoy the sessions they deliver. Both instructors are highly skilled athletes who have only just become accredited.  This highly skilled and enthusiastic team create an atmosphere which allows the participants to challenge themselves to do their very best  at every workout, while still ensuring their individual needs are being met.