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Are you doing CrossFit?

09 July

I’ve heard of  plenty of trainers/coaches/friends/relatives that claim they do CrossFit or are giving you a CrossFit session.
Next time one of these people announces that what you are about to do or that they are doing is CrossFit, ask them for their credentials or ask them when the last time was they were inside a CrossFit gym, a registered affiliate

I have heard a lot lately about this happening.

I know all the CrossFit certified coaches in town and know all of the ones that work at the only CrossFit affiliate in town. So if it is not one of them coaching you at CrossFit Armidale, well they have no right to tell you you are doing CrossFit. Both from an ethical and legal standpoint.
You see CrossFit isn’t another class just chucked into the schedule at your local globo gym. It isn’t a singular workout on its own. It isn’t just some way of doing something a little different. It is an entire program. It is a community.

  • If your “CrossFit” sessions are random and have no progressions then it could be the work of a lazy trainer that threw it together at the last minute and thought “If I call it CrossFit they won’t know the difference!”.
  • If your trainer/friend/insert whatever here, is not concerned with your technique and form and only with your speed, then they do not understand one of the most important principals of CrossFit. Virtuosity. Performing the common, uncommonly well.
  • If they tell you they CrossFit yet don’t know what the Open is nor have they even thought about entering it, they don’t understand what CrossFit is about.
  • If you ask them about CrossFit and they tell you it will hurt you, ask them why they think this?
  • If you ask them and they say OK I’ll throw a session together for you, ask them how they know what to do.
  • It isn’t about just throwing together a session if your trainer has never been familiarised with Olympic lifting or gymnastics movements, then they are really in no position to instruct you in these.

Sure you can put a circuit of push ups, sit ups and squats together and PRESTO! You have a CrossFit style workout. You also have a circuit style workout, a bodyweight session, a turbulence training session, you name it it can fit in. That is the problem, people think anything can fit the CrossFit program. It can’t and it doesn’t.

Nothing can replace passion, drive, knowledge, practice and ability when it comes to teaching or coaching anything. If your trainer/friend/sportscoach does not live, eat and breathe CrossFit and have never actually partaken in a session in an affiliate, well I am afraid they are misleading you. You are NOT doing CrossFit and you have not even scratched the surface of what you are capable of.


MY CHALLENGE TO YOU. Call me on 6772 6798. Book in. Do a free session. And then tell me after that that what you were doing before was CrossFit.