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14 January

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Dominance protein powder 1kg $50.00* (available in vanilla, Chocolate, banana, coffee, strawberry flavours)

Dominance protein powder 3kg $115.00*

Fish oil 200 tablets $20.00*

Fish oil 400 tablet $37.00*

Creatine 250g $25.00*

Creatine 500g $33.00*

Creatine 1kg $57.00*

L Glutamine 250g $30.00*

L Glutamine 500g $50.00*

L Glutamine 1kg $85.00*

* discounts apply for CrossFit members.

CFA hoodies $65.00

CFA men and ladies cut shirts $35.00

Truckers caps $20

Towels $36.00

The essential WOD training diray. The best way to keep track of your achievements. $7.00