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Glass half full, half empty, or completely full?? Depends on your perspective.

08 October

Last week I spent a few days in Sydney. I was going down there to effectively call it quits on something that I thought I no longer needed. As it turns out, it was exactly what I needed but I had lost sight of that.

How many times have you thought that there was something in your life that you did not need any more to only be reminded only a short time later that you in fact needed it more than you thought?

The thing that I see every day that people need, but that don’t recognize that they do is their health. It isn’t until we are unhappy with what is in the mirror that we turn or life around.

I see so many things prioritised everyday over one’s health that I can only assume people don’t think they need to help themselves health wise, or they have been misled by an entire industry for too long.

Take this pill, drink this shake, by my 12 week challenge, eat (insert any diet title here), and you will look your best in the shortest time possible.
Well what if I told you it runs deeper than your skin, than your clothing size? You see high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, none of these care what you look like, they occur because of inaction on your behalf to your health and exercising and eating well is the first step to looking after yourself and keeping things like I just mentioned at bay.

I have heard I don’t have time so many times I don’t care to hear it that much anymore. I am quite empathetic when it comes to almost anything, however we all have 24 hours in a day and how you choose to use them is your business, but if you have time to watch TV, then I cannot accept for one second that you don’t have time to protect your most valuable asset, your health.

Stop looking at working out and eating well as looking good. Look at it as it should be an insurance policy against diabetes, heart disease, obesity and all related illnesses. Once you look at it from the right perspective you will wonder why you didn’t start yesterday.

If you even kind of understand that exercise and nutrition are about being your best, not looking your best, click the link below, get in touch with me and we can help make it happen for you.200458043-001