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Is this the one thing holding you back with your fitness?

10 October

The gym is so scary!!
I have now heard another angle on this. It seems that no matter what we will try to justify our lack of exercise on an excuse that really, does not have the legs to stand on.

If we are to get right into the psychology of why we never start an exercise program we will find that our excuses are just a justification in our own minds so that we feel no guilt or less guilt about not doing anything.
A fair bit of the time in CrossFit there will be participants with very minimal clothing on, why, there was even an attempt in Europe for a nude class (not sure oly lifts would be fun in the nude, but hey I digress). And now I have heard about people not wanting to start as they are intimidated by this. However the same people would frequent a beach or local pool together and not have a problem. So what is the true reason? I don’t know, I am not in your mind. That is a question I want you to ask yourself.

The ones getting around the gym in not much all started somewhere before you. Now speaking from experience the people in our gym that wear no shirt or crop tops aren’t showing off, they are usually bloody hot! (We are after all in a shed in an industrial estate) What those people are doing is showing confidence and a feeling as though they are comfortable with whom they are. They don’t compare themselves to you, and nor should you to them. In fact I have witnessed where these members of our box have gone out of their way to help new people through a session.

But the main thing for me here is something a very smart man passed on to me.
If you want to improve yourself, or better yourself in any way, surround yourself with people that are performing better at your chosen pursuit.
If you continue to surround yourself with the same people day in day out, you will not strive to be better. And so you will do as the human condition wants and reach homeostasis. I am not just referring to fitness here. Career, family, education and even spiritual, you need to surround yourself with people that have gone before you. I am not saying dump your friends and family, I am saying to expand this circle.
Will that be a little uncomfortable? Yes, it might be very uncomfortable, but that way you are forced to grow and adapt. You become better, faster than you have before.

So stop right now. Look at what you are doing fitness wise. And look at what you wanted to achieve with your fitness and health 6 months ago, 12 months ago, 1 month ago, why even 1 week ago.

Are you where you wanted to be?
Are you making all the gains you want to?
Are you still thinking about the fact that you need to do something but it might be hard?
Are you just doing the same old gym routine?

The reason could well be that you haven’t changed a thing and so have reached that homeostasis. Jump outside your comfort zone, go to your nearest CrossFit affiliate and surround yourself with people that want to see you succeed, that will pick you up when you are down, but most importantly they will help make you better than yesterday.