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Value, not cost

28 April

It is a regular thing that someone decides to get fit and healthy, go on a diet, start an exercise regime, etc. But, more regularly than not a lot of people will find something to get in the way of commencing a change.

One I hear quite a lot is: “I can’t afford it”. Now, when you look at your income and expenses it is pretty simple that a gym membership, some PT sessions or a CrossFit membership just won’t fit in with what you already do. And there is the problem straight up.

You are thinking of this in terms of another cost being imposed on you, not of the value of what you are about to engage in. A dollar cost is easy to see, but what about physical cost down the track? That isn’t so easy to see.

This is where you need to look at value. How much do you value your time with family or with your kids? Would the cost of exercising be worth it if it meant that your family would not have to look after you due to illness or old age? You cannot place a dollar value on that.

But in simplistic terms, what are you spending that money on now? Do you eat out one or two nights a week? Do you drink alcohol regularly? Do you have an indulgent morning tea with friends a little too often? What is in your shopping trolley? You see, if you want to be serious about your health then the questions I have just asked need to be answered.

If you eat out, yes that will have to change. If you drink alcohol very regularly again, that will have to change. If these things do not change there is little point in starting a program, as your actions will be counter-intuitive to it. And simply changing the odd couple of indulgences will see you more than able to afford any program.

To lay it out for you: if you use the excuse that it is too expensive with me I will tell you that you do not value your health and that you are being selfish by potentially causing your family and friends to be affected down the track.

Your health is the only real thing you can have a direct impact on via your own actions. Start valuing it now before it costs you so much more in the future.