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WOD Wed 21/1/2015

21 January

30 mins, continuously running clock

0-10 mins
For time
100 Wall Balls 9/6
30 Burpees

10-20 mins
For time 21-15-9 reps of
Toes 2 Bar
Push ups

20-30 mins
5 rounds for time
8 Wall walkers
8 Deadlift 70/50
run 100m

8 min time cap for each section.

When the clock starts you will start 100 wall balls, you will get a time for the 100 wall balls plus the 30 burpees, you will then rest until the 10 min mark, you will then commence the 21-15-9 T2B and push ups again your score is your time, rest until the 20 min mark and then commence the 5 rounder for time.
You will have an 8 min time cap for each piece, so you will get at least 2 mins rest before commencing the next piece