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Do you have a why to give?

15 October

Pretty ambiguous title I know.

But I want to make a point of telling you why I became a trainer and coach. And why sometimes that can be so hard.
Going back about 10 years or so I was quite overweight, I was lethargic and, well, generally unhappy in myself. I started trying “things”, and by “things” I mean diets, shakes, extreme exercise programs, you name it I almost certainly tried it.

And then I began a little education, I completed my cert 4 in fitness, and when I was done I quickly realised that I knew 3 parts of nothing. So I then had to go out and find more to learn. But what was driving me to do this? Part of the answer was to make me better than yesterday, but the real answer was that I thought that if I had already made all the mistakes I could then help others avoid those same mistakes.

So each and every day I am working on improving my knowledge, gaining new skills and refining my craft. My drive, my why, is to service and assist those that want my help.

The thing that brings me joy, the thing that I look forward to everyday when I get out of bed is seeing what new personal bests our clients and members can achieve each day. To see ‘everyday’ people achieve beyond the everyday inspires me no end.

But it gets tough at times, it can be hard. The hours are long, the information available out there is confusing to you, and the convenience of doing my work out is just that, too convenient.

The toughest part though, is showing you what you are capable of. But you know what? That is also the most enjoyable. I love the challenge of convincing you that you can deadlift more than you ever thought possible. The challenge of guiding you through your first Fran as Rxd.

The challenge of picking you up when you are down. The challenge of assisting you reach a more fruitful, enjoyable life through good nutrition and exercise. The sheer challenge of making you better than yesterday.

YOU are the reason I go to seminars and conferences and courses.
YOU are the one I love to see achieve beyond what you thought was your best.
YOU are the reason I am up late studying the newest findings in nutrition.
YOU are the reason I feel guilty for not actually working anymore, I am doing what I love.
You see YOU are my why.

Those that know me, know I love my family, and so you would understand that in order my why is Family, Service, Balance.
The service and balance help me achieve the family part. It is all inclusive.

Now go in and find your why, not out. Dig deep inside yourself and find why you want to exercise and eat better.
Why do you want to live better?
Why do you want to live longer?
Why do you want to be better than yesterday?