Get In the Best Shape You Have Ever Been and Live the Life You Want and Deserve

CrossFit Armidale is the leading fitness coaching service in Armidale for busy, time poor, frustrated and confused, health seeking people to become the healthiest and fittest they have ever been.

Even the Best Athletes Have Coaches

Even the longest of gym goers have had motivational downs, that is why even world class athletes have coaches. You’ll succeed through guidance, instruction and a supportive community of like minded people that will empower you to grow.

Achieve and Maintain World Class Fitness for Life

Unlike short term programs, bootcamps, gym memberships and personal training, that are based on cookie cutter programming and get them in and smash them mentalities, CrossFit Armidale’s program is based on and written for its members giving it a “group personal training” feel, providing you with sessions that will continually adapt with you.

If you have never exercised before or are already in the best shape of your life so far, we are here to help take your fitness to the next level.

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